The introduction of a youth team system in 1995, was an exciting time for the club. At long last we were going to have continuity. Ossie Lewis was the pioneer and manager behind the youth team setup but there was also input from everyone associated with L.C.C.C.
Ken Davis, conducted the bulk of the coaching. There was also coaching sessions from Donavan and Kenroy Mingo, with contribution from Alford Jackson who had two very talented sons in the team.

Dudley Belone, Hayden Andrews, Frisco and Roy Wilkinson was also part of the management team. These three individuals spent a lot of time transporting the youth team to matches, home and away.

The one player that everyone talked about was young Kieran Jackson. He wanted to play no matter what. He even played for the first team as a fielder a couple of times. He was special. Look at his little face in the team photo.