Here is your chance to pick what you believe to be the best Twelve Black players, based in Luton to make up a team. Your team can include past and present cricketers, from the Sixties to those still playing. They can be players that you have played with or have watched playing. You can not include yourself.

Choose carefully, it's not as easy as you think.

You should pick a well balanced team, not just a bunch of names. For example you will need a captain, wicket keeper, maybe a spinner etc. You get the drift?

Enter your team in the box below them press submit. All entries will be published for you to compare.

Don't forget to put your name at the bottom so I know who the team is from.

A lot you seems to be finding it difficult to pick a team and I am not surprised. Don't feel that you will upset anyone by leaving them out of your Twelve, it's a personal choice.

When you have your team it should be a statement that says, "I  can take these players anywhere in the country and they will not lose many games against armature cricket teams.



Laurel Aitken - West Indian Cricket Test.mp3

The teams are looking interesting so far, I am sure that this topic will be a cause for great debate in the coming weeks.

Terry's 12 in batting order.
Vince Justin, Donavan Bascombe, Hyden Andrews, Venol John, Kenroy Mingo, Ossie Clarke (captain) Errol Crawford (wkt) Eliston Abraham, Alford Jackson, Raphael Bernard, Steve Harewood.
Trevor Prescott 12th man.

Godfrey Davis team:
Terry Gooding  Errol Crawford (wkt), Hyden Andrews, Donavan Bascombe, Ossie Clarke, Trevor Prescott, Venol John, Eddie Burrowes, Alford Jackson, Eliston Abraham (captain), Steve Harewood.
Tim Broome 12th man
Donavan's Team:
Terry Gooding (capt),, Errol Crawford, Ivan Griffiths(wkt), Hyden Andrews, Trevor Prescott, Kenroy Mingo, Eddie Burrowes, Alford Jackson, Eliston Abraham, Steve Harewood, Ricky Justin
Raphael Bernard 12th man.
Eddie Burrowes Team
Terry Gooding (capt), Hayden Andrews, Donavan Bascombe, Earl Lee jnr, Venol John, Ken Davis, Kenroy Mingo (wkt), Paget Bayam, Alford Jackson, Eliston Abraham, Les Jackson.

Silus Charles 12th man
Photos of Earl and Silus to follow
Eli Abraham Team
Terry Gooding, Hayden Andrews, Donavan Bascombe, Ossie Clarke(capt)Kenroy Mingo. Ken Davis, Venol John, Alford Jackson, Eddie Burrowes, Trevor Prescott
Clubert Hendrickson 12th man
Eli did not specify batting order or wicket keeper. 

Ossie Lewis Team

Cecil Dixon, Terry Gooding, Donavan Bascombe, Hayden Andrews, Paget Byam, Ossie Clarke(capt), Evans Clarke (wkt), Alfred Jackson, Ellie Abraham, James Wyle, Neville Harewood 

Kenroy Mingo 12th man

Trevor Prescott's Team

Errol Crawford (wkt), Hayden Andrews, Donavan Bascombe, Ossie Clarke(capt), Kenroy Mingo, Terry Gooding, Ken Davis, Julian Jackson, Eddie Burrowes, Dalton Brownie, Eli Abraham.

Alford Jackson 12th man