The Birth of LCCC.

In the winter of 1993, the Two remaining Black Cricket clubs in Luton, Chevette and Luton International, realized that the time had come to combine both clubs as One. Black cricket had been on a downward slide for years.  Both clubs were unable to attract any new players and unlike the Asian players, cricket was not in the blood of the British born young West Indians.
An amalgamation made sense, it would extend the long term future of West Indian cricket in Luton.

The wheels were set in motion in February 1994. The proposed name for the club was "Luton Caribbean Cricket Club"  The rules and constitutions were drawn up, and the foundations were put in place to hopefully, take Black cricket to another level.

The President of the new club was: Silburn Stevenson, Vice President: Ossie Lewis, Founders were: Hyden Andrews, Godfrey Arthur, Dudley Belone, Veronica J Joseph, Ossie Lewis, Elwood Smith and Alex St.Ville.

The following persons were made Life Members: Godfrey Arthur, Veronica J Joseph, Elwood Smith, Patricia Smith, Leslie Joseph, Neville Burke, Winston Service, G Campbell, Lloyd Patterson, G Gonsalves and Roy Wilkinson.

Playing members in 1994

Andrew Antrobus, Noel Abbey, Elliston Abraham, Hayden Andrews, Eddie Burrowes, Cleo Burrowes, Raphael Bernard, Gabriel Bernard, Dudley Belone, Donavan Bascombe, Dalton Browne, Ken Davis, Godfrey Davis, Terry Gooding, Neville James, Steve Harewood, Lynden Johnson, Alford Jackson, Ossie Jackson, Ricky Justin, Vincent Justin, Les Jackson, Robbie Lyle, Laurie Lyle, Ossie Lewis, Kenroy Mingo, Leroy Morris, Horace Manning, Trevor Prescott, Aubyn Strachan, Cleve Strachan, Alex St Ville Lewin Winter, Ronny Woodley, Howard Wedderburn, Cylus Charles

Terry Gooding, was appointed first team club captain.

The team which represented L.C.C.C in their first ever Mid Week League 1994

Back row: Roy Wilkingson (manager), Horace Manning, Ken Davis, Eddie Burrowes, Alford Jackson, Les Jackson, Godfrey Davis, Cleve Strachan. Front row: Ronnie Woodley, Hayden Andrews, Terry Gooding (cpt) Donavan Bascombe, Kenroy Mingo

Committee Members for 2021


  • President: Gilbert Campbell.
  • Secretary: Osborn Lewis.( Wizardos3@yahoo.com)  07961126940
  • Fixture secretary: Ruben Bailey: (Lonieandruben@gmail.com. 07533039574