I joined Luton United in 1974. Caribbean Cavaliers had recently folded and several of their younger players eventually filtered into United. The players for United at that time was Utel Burgess, David Burris (Trini), Eric, Harry Lloyd, George Hunter, Noel Abbey, Eliston Abraham, Dipak Parsooth, Silburn Stevenson.


The Power of United

Luton United, became the most feared local cricket team throughout the late seventies and early eighties. They dominated all the local cup competitions but for some reason could not win the Luton News Mid-Week League cup until 1983.

Under the leadership of Ossie Clarke, United batsmen scored runs in abundance in the week end friendly matches.  The bowlers were also in devastating form. Many players left the club through frustration because they rarely got a chance to bat. The top five batsmen hardly failed.  

On the few occasions that the tail enders were called upon to bat they always siege the oportunity by putting on good partnerships to either draw or win the game.

Ossie Clarke was an outstanding all arounder and skipper. When ever United looked to be struggling he would always produce the runs or wickets to get the team back on track. 

Why I left United.


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Cup and League Performance

1976 - Oliver Shield Winners
1977 - Pub 7 a side Semi Finalist at Trent Bridge
1978 - Pre Star Cup Winners
1979 - Pre Star Cup Winners
1981 - Pre Star Cup Winners
1981 - Mid Week League Runner up
1982 - Pre Star Cup Winners
1982 - Oliver Shield Runner up
1982 - Mid Week League Runner up
1983 - Mid Week League Winners